Terms & Fees

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Crafters Corner Store is a community of crafters and artists. We take pride in getting to know each of our shop owners.

Start selling for a small fee:

We offer a FREE monthly membership and listing fees of $0.20 per item (item will remain listed until sold or removed)

Once a purchase has been made our commission fee and a standard payment processing fee will be charged.  We process all sales with PayPal. Once a sale has been made and product shipped you can request a withdrawal and your money will be sent to the PayPal account you have selected. (your account)

Transaction Commission Fees:

When you make a sale you will be charged a transaction fee of 4% of the price displayed on your listing. Transaction fees will be billed to your account on a monthly basis.

  • 4% per sale excluding shipping fees.

Payment Processing Fees:

  • 3% + $0.30 per total sale ($.30 fee no matter the total sale) PayPal Fees are figured on invoice total.